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About Meg

meg and matt_moher

Hey y’all, I’m Meg + I have a serious love affair with the PNW. The people, the culture, the nature, the landscape…It all makes my heart sing. I belong here, and I LOVE it here.

I am located specifically in Tacoma, Wa where I live with my husband + our fur babies.

I have a deep love for lattes, ferry rides, our local Orcas, Barre classes, farmers markets, brunch on Sundays, road trips, cooking, campfires, hiking… the list goes on…

A bit about my photography, + the way I see the world:

It is my passion to capture New Life.  It is such a joy to see couples embrace, form the bonds that last a lifetime, and change their course as individuals to become one goal and one life.  My couples create something new everyday, and I am honored that they allow me to capture them at their best!  It is such a joy to see these families grow from two and become even more beautiful than they could have ever imagined.

Naturally, with my passion for New Life, there is nothing sweeter + more inspiring to me than a newborn baby! They are ultimately a blank canvas. Only days old + already the pride and joy of their parents. I have the great honor to capture them in all of their ‘newness.’ Each peeling toe, pouty lip, long lash… I document it all… and each time I look at a finished session, my heart skips a beat. I can only long for the day that I welcome a newborn of my own. For now, however, I will snuggle, mold, and swoon over each newborn that comes into my studio!

I am a completely self-taught photographer with the drive and motivation to touch peoples lives with my images.  I owe the success of the business end of my photography to my partner-in-crime/husband, and at times, photo assistant/personal chauffeur/gear-carrier , Matt. His continual love and support has made it possible for me to focus 100% on my photography, which has enabled me to do some serious growing as an artist.

I am SO looking forward to meeting and working with you + your family!




Photo Credit:  @jennifermoher

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