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I am a lifestyle & portrait photographer located in Tacoma/Seattle, WA. I was born and raised in a small logging town on the coast of Washington. After my HS graduation, I left home for college, travelled the world, and eventually settled down in Tacoma with my husband, Matt, our daughter Charlotte (Charlie) and our sweet fur babes. 

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We absolutely love playing in the PNW! If you ever need good recommendations for local coffee, staycation spots or kid friendly hikes I've got you covered. I'm always on the hunt for new locations to explore with our little fam, so if you have spots you love, do tell. 

 When I’m not shooting or editing on the weekends, there’s a good chance Matt, Charlie + I are out adventuring in the mountains or running our pups at the ocean!

I got started in photography over 9 years ago (time certainly flies) and while my equipment has changed along with my many hair styles, my love for this job remains the same. As excited as you are for this next chapter in your life, that’s how I feel each time I pick up my camera. 

Pure joy.

We welcomed our daughter Charlotte into the world in 2019 and it's been a wild and beautiful ride ever since!

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big spiders

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I love both!

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warm beige 

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An Orca conservationist 

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raising charlie

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